Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Still Think The Press Is Unbiased?

McClatchy is a newspaper "empire" founded here in Sacramento. One of its reporters is in Baghdad, and--well, read his blog entry yourself, in his own words, and see if you agree with several dozen commenters who agree this reporter is an ass.

It'll be interesting to see how long the link remains active, and how long this pissant reporter remains employed.


allenm said...

The comment and the blog are gone like a cool breeze.

But, since we live in the Age of evil deed need die:

There's more, lots more, using the search terms "Bobby Caina Calvan blog" but why bother? Once you win the Nobel Shmuck Prize where's there to do but up?

Anonymous said...

Less than 12 hours after you posted and the link doesn't work. Can you summarize what he wrote about?

Ellen K said...

Evidently, he learned that it was bad blogger manners to remove a link that had proven to be so very very active. I think this is a prime example of how the media can dish it out, but can't take it. We have a similar situation in the Dallas area where a reporter with an agenda decided to make a spectacle out of a 70 year old man who had to shoot a guy to defend his home and business. He had had to call the police 42 times and only shot somebody twice. I think that's restraint. But she put his face on air despite requests not to, then tried to put words in his mouth about remorse and was he trigger happy and such. I am tired of the activist media. Give us the facts and stop treating us like we can't figure it out. Not all of us are as dumb as Britney -(a name that I predict will fall into disuse after this year....)

Anonymous said...

He has reposted his blog, however he seems to be too butthurt (that's a technical term folks) to open the comment section.

Anonymous said...

My goodness! A reporter was inconvenienced? He was forced to submit to delay in the pursuit of his deity-mandated and inspired mission? He was made to experience anxiety and frustration because the clumsy minions of Bush did not recognize his grace and goodness? In a war zone?
Don't these soldiers recognize their betters? Don't they know what's really important?