Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Agency Fee Rebate

Anyone who's spent more than 10 minutes on this blog knows I'm not a union member. I have no major quarrels with my local union, but I despise the California Teachers Association and the National Education Association so much that I will not be a member of the troika. Since California is a "fair share" state I'm still required to pay union dues to those two criminal syndicates, but each year get a rebate (about $400) of the dues money that they admit to using for functions other than collective bargaining--such as trying to get Hillary Clinton elected President.

Under the rules I have to have my rebate request submitted by November 15th; clearly I'm doing so in plenty of time. CTA, ever helpful, sent me a 3-1/2 page letter outlining my requirements and responsibilities for requesting this rebate, and included the world's most feeble attempt to get me to change my mind:

You may become a full member of the Association and pay full unified dues to NEA/CTA/Local Association, and take advantage of all rights and benefits that come with membership. Members may vote for Association officers (yay!), are covered under the $1,000,000 Educators Employment Liability coverage (I can get better coverage from AAE), have full access to legal representation (which I could afford myself if I didn't have to pay almost $1000 a year in union dues), and are eligible for CTA-sponsored insurance programs and many other valuable membership benefits (including card-carrying membership in the Democrat Party). A full overview of CTA programs and membership benefits can be found in the CTA Membership Magazine included with these materials.

We strongly urge you to join us in the Association.

Well, now that you put it that way, how can I say no?

Are they so bland because they don't expect to get me anyway? Or do they not know how pathetic they sound? Or do they not care, because they're legally entitled to my money anyway and hence don't have to earn it? Whatever the case, they don't come across as very sincere.

And I certainly don't want to associate with them.

Just give me my rebate money, part of which I will use to join AAE.

If you, too, have had enough of the CTA, visit the website of the California Teachers Empowerment Network. There you can learn about your union-related options and, should you decide to leave the union, you'll have example letters to follow for resigning and requesting your rebate.

It's well worth your time. Even if you choose not to leave the union, CTEN can still provide you with valuable information with which you can make informed choices regarding your education career.

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W.R. Chandler said...

The deadline is November 15? Somehow I had gotten it in my head that the cutoff was sometime in October.

No wonder I haven't gotten my check yet.