Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A Liberal's View of West Point

This piece is much better than the whiny one by the sister of a Naval Academy freshman.


Anonymous said...

“Midshipmen and cadets remain stronger and more aggressive than their male counterparts at civilian schools. They eagerly play sports such as rugby, boxing, karate, lacrosse, and football. They drive fast cars, usually sports cars. They play hard. They drink hard. They are physical, often abusive among each other. They are not trying to prove their manhood: they are celebrating their masculinity. They are competitive, often vulgar, and tough, and every citizen who may someday send a friend or relative into war should rejoice, because combat is competitive, vulgar, and tough, and they will be leading men in combat.” -James Webb

I think this is a perfect excuse to buy a sports car and drink hard when I turn 21 (in 5 days!)

Scary how true this quote is though.

Unknown said...

we already talked about this in class but at least the west point one has some respect the naval academy sister needs to be slapped