Thursday, October 25, 2007

Math And Blogs

Maybe this blog will rank up there next year.

A recent Carnegie Mellon study used higher mathematics to answer the question: if you want to be informed about what the entire blogosphere is talking about, but you can only read 100 blogs (out of the millions available), which blogs should you read?


Sandy said...

I thought the same thing when I saw this list at Why Homeschool! Between their blog and yours, I feel pretty informed :-). I used to read Michelle Malkin but TMI- way too much material to wade through. You do a great job providing interesting commentary without overwhelming your readers.

Darren said...

Thank you! And heck, I wasn't even fishing for a compliment here.

Ellen K said...

If I could get paid for it, I would read blogs and write comments all day. I just can't seem to find anyone willing to pay me for the honor...Darn.

Darren said...

I'd owe you beaucoup dinero here!

Anonymous said...

Since this is semi-related, I chose this particular entry for my comment. (I couldn't find your email address)

I work for a company that syndicates blogs - some of our larger subscribers, where our feeds appear, are LexisNexis, EBSCO, and Thomson Financial. Your blog was recommended by another blogger that I signed a few weeks ago. If you'd like more information, send me an email and I'll send you a detailed email with info about royalties, terms, other blogs we've signed, etc.



Anonymous said...

this is confusing, i dont understand it exactly