Thursday, October 18, 2007

How Low Can She Go?

Poor Britney Spears.

It's bad enough that she has temporarily lost visitation rights to her own children. What's worse is that the person deemed more capable of rearing the children is a former backup dancer and wannabe rapper, her ugly ex-husband.

When you're put up on that tall a pedestal, it's a long way down when you fall.


Ellen K said...

Wow, I guess that's what happens when a basically uneducated person gets lots of money that they don't know how to handle. My mom used to call that a situations of having "more money than sense." I wish I felt sorry for her, but she's like Liz Taylor and Liza Minelli,a minimally talented celebrity who made her life into a circus. Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis-it's the uneducated who end up in their own version of hell. I guess knowing something other than who Versace is or where to score hits of coke is valuable after all.

Anonymous said...

you can tell in a way that she is in her own hell at the moment. k.fed. was TERRIBLE for her and she lost her children. but she needs to get it together and seriously grow UP! she cant handle her money hense; handle kids and a marriage.

im sorry britney, but you are just a joke to us.