Monday, October 01, 2007

Another "Super" Comment About NCLB

Combine this statement with one my district superintendent previously made about NCLB, and I'd say the man gets it:

My request is that schools please pay attention to the Three–Year Improvement Plan recently approved by the Board of Education as you work on your School Improvement Plan. While recognizing that each school has unique challenges, our ability to collectively focus our energy, resources, and support will result in the district, as a whole, making needed improvements. The district improvement plan seeks to have ALL kids learn to read, compute and access high level classes so they can graduate from high school with viable options for life. The improvement document is based on an assumption that we are not satisfied to have only 40-60% of our students proficient in reading and math, science and history. It certainly is not acceptable to have students of color, poverty or language learners achieving at significantly lower levels than our other students. The adopted improvement plan is a moral challenge to us all, not a political document about NCLB or high stakes testing. (boldface mine--Darren)

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