Friday, October 19, 2007

So-called Fairness Doctrine=Gag Rule

They say it fairly well here.

The market, in which people make decisions without government interference, has chosen. Conservative talkers such as Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity rule the airwaves because they offer the opinions and analyses most Americans want to hear. At the same time, there is little market for the rantings from the Democrats' worldview. The public has heard both sides and has found the ideas on the left to be wanting.

So Democrats, jealous of the right's success and frustrated over their failures (they can't understand why everyone doesn't think correctly, as they do), aim to fix things with authoritarian regulation. Apparently the legacy of liberty left to us by our founders is an archaic notion. Censorship is the new freedom of speech.


Tyralis said...

Hasn't the Fairness Doctrine been out of practice since 1987? I think that the Fairness Doctrine is ridiculous and unreasonable, but an editorial doesn't mean that the doctrine is suddenly again in practice.

And, even when the Fairness doctrine was in practice, not one decision issued by the FCC has dealt with talkshows. In fact, the talkshow format was invented while the doctrine was in place.

The fact is that while what Mike Pence is doing is admirable protection of the First Amendment right to free speech, that doesn't mean that Democrats in the House are actively arguing for the Fairness Doctrine to be brought back. In fact, in June 113 Democrats in the house voted for a 1 year moratorium on bringing back the Fairness Doctrine.

anyway. just some things to think about.

Darren said...

The Democratic leadership of both houses repeatedly brings the topic up. Now, they may just be poking at the Republicans, but it's a threat that cannot be ignored.