Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A Capitalist Amongst Hollywood Socialists

So many of Hollywood's elites are on the socialist bandwagon, probably because they realize that in any socialist country, the haves get whatever they want and can afford while everyone else gets least-common-denominator services. Socialism doesn't affect those with money.

So this statement coming out of a potential writers' strike made me laugh:

"Our members will not stand for that," the guild said. "The entertainment industry is successful and growing like never before. Writers, whose creativity is at the heart of that success and growth, are committed to sharing in it."

Apparently, not everyone is a Hollywood elite. Some people want to be paid what they're worth!

Could they do that without a union? Maybe, maybe not. But I definitely like this capitalist statement coming from an organization (a union) that usually devotes itself to socialism.

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