Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Painting Your Body In School Colors

I can't tell from this report if the two girls were kicked out of school permanently or were suspended temporarily for wearing bikinis and having their bodies painted in school colors for Homecoming.

There's a time and a place for painting your body in school colors and showing off--and school isn't that place. Had they dressed this way at the football game itself, the situation would be a bit murkier.

I didn't inhabit that gray area when I was in high school. A friend and I painted ourselves in school colors from our waists up, went to a football game, and cheered with the cheerleaders--and being shirtless, we showed all of our cleavage! And we thought it was great, too, until the principal chewed us out on Monday morning. I have a picture in my senior yearbook, but I think my yearbooks are in the garage.

But let's be realistic, girls--bikini tops are not appropriate at school. You know that. School spirit is great, but it doesn't override the fact that bikinis aren't appropriate attire at school.


Greg said...

Darren -- they were tossed from the game, while bare-chested guys with body paint were allowed to stay.

Darren said...

Interesting. The link to the local news station, which is imbedded in the link in my post, mentioned only coming to school and nothing about the game.

Unknown said...

Sounds like college, were things like that -- exactly that that -- happen at every game. Here, everybody paints whiskers on their faces (Lions, whiskers, get it?)

gbradley said...

Agreed, College girls can do what they like, but High school girls need to dress and act appropriately at school functions.
"But the Boys can do it" doesn't fly because Boys and girls have different Anatomies. Sorry girls.

Anonymous said...

I think the media have a duty to show us pictures of the girls in their bikinis and body paint so we can judge whether or not it was inappropriate. We may have to look at the images very carefully, many, many times to make a proper decision.

Unless they're fat or something.

Anonymous said...

Check out my site above.

I've got the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Wow, GBradley! The girls were wearing tops and the boys were bear-chested. Hence your "different Anatomies [sic]" double-standard was already in place.

But you think boys wearing nothing up top = good while girls wearing something up top = bad?

Do you also laud Muslims for the clear thinking they demonstrate by covering women in burkas? Different anatomies, after all.