Thursday, October 11, 2007

Apparently, What's Good For The Goose Is NOT Good For The Gander

"Racist" fliers at George Washington University showed up (are Muslims now a race?) and all fingers pointed at a conservative student organization. The Student Association Executive Vice President said he'd support expulsion of the students involved in creating and distributing the fliers.

Oh, but it turns out an exceedingly liberal student group has now admitted turning out the fliers--in an attempt to "draw attention to" racism on the campus.

So what will the university do now? Will the liberals be expelled? Is trying to frame someone no big deal at George Washington University? Or, will the students involved get off with a stern warning because their hearts were in the right place, because they had the right narrative but the wrong actions?

You can probably guess which way I'd bet if I were a betting man.

Update, 10/16/07: So far I'm winning this bet.


Anonymous said...

"So what will the university do now?"

Why can't the university still expel the members of that conservative student organization? Seems reasonable to me ... :-)

-Mark Roulo

Darren said...

Mark, that got a genuine, out loud laugh from me. Thanks!

allenm said...

Oh, you just don't understand.

The distribution of the racist fliers by left-wing students was an educational experience meant to demonstrate to privileged, white students the demoralizing effects of racism on under-represented minorities. You don't oppose education, do you?

The conservative students ought to be punished. Just because they didn't actually distribute the fliers doesn't mean that in the unfortunate privacy of their minds they don't think racism's a fine idea. And even if they don't, why take any chances?