Monday, October 22, 2007

Liberals As They Are

Go watch the video here. This guy calls it like he sees it.


allenm said...

Who is the guy? I didn't hear/see an identification although he drops a bunch of references to the entertainment industry.

He could use a little help understanding liberals although I think he's covered most of the material necessary. He just needs a framework to drop all his observations into.

He's still struggling to make sense of what seems nonsensical even though he understands that being a leftie isn't evidence of stupidity. He just hasn't formed a cogent theory of what being a leftie is evidence of.

Anonymous said...

Uh, great. Just one question:


What kind of idiot - yeah, the right has idiots, too - posts an entire video like that with no identifying information except what can be seen in the background (that this was a talk at the Heritage Foundation)?

Anonymous said...

Answering my own question, because I think it's another kind of crime to post a video without giving proper credit -

The man's name is Evan Sayet and some biographical information and the text of his speech can be found here:

gbradley said...

Thanks anon, that was gonna be my comment "Who is this guy?"
I looked up Evan Sayet and found his website.
I watched the whole video, because what he said makes so much sense.
I liked his comparison of Universal Health Care with his request for his dad to buy the World's Fair Monorail for NYC.
Nice find.

Unknown said...

Evan Sayet.