Wednesday, October 17, 2007

It's Always A Priest, A Teacher, Or A Cop

An arrest warrant will be issued for a Canadian pedophilia suspect targeted in a global manhunt for allegedly having sex with two teenage boys in Bangkok, a Thai police official said Thursday.

School teacher Christopher Paul Neil, 32, has been accused of sexually abusing at least a dozen Cambodian and Vietnamese boys, some as young as 6 years old. He has taught in Thailand, South Korea and Vietnam.


I admit that I don't understand this kind of stuff. Is it a sickness, a perversion, both, or something else?


Matthew K. Tabor said...

I read years ago about a joint op by Canadian law enforcement and what I believe was a unit of the LAPD charged with breaking pedo rings.

One of the most fascinating elements was how many - nearly all - of the big-time child porn traders busted were Star Trek fans.

This isn't a knock on Star Trek.

The common thread was a propensity to love and fantasize about living in alternate realities where many of our societal rules don't apply - that's what sci-fi is all about.

The LA unit had in their office a large poster of the Enterprise's crew with their own faces photoshopped in. Funny? Yes. Ironic? Yes. Disturbingly accurate? That, too.

We hear so often about priests, teachers and cops in these stings because those are three professions that operate under a highly-structured, very restrictive set of rules. These are the guys most likely to fall in love with structurelessness and imaginary worlds.

Absolutely fascinating.

Darren said...

I remember reading about that, probably within the last year or so. I'm a teacher and a Star Trek fan, and I sent that story to a cop friend of mine--who's a Star Trek fan.

Still, ew!

Unknown said...

well it is "Bangkok"

Ellen K said...

I think it's the whole "forbidden fruit" thing. For some people, simply forbidding something is inviting them to abuse it. It's like finding a cheat for Sims (not that I cheat at Sims, but the code is.....)or any other game. I think especially in the case of those who traffic in internet porn, they aren't even viewing their victims as people any more. They are pieces in a game. Like the shoe or the top hat in Monopoly. In a way, it's a kind of social immaturity that allows them to seek out a universe they can control, because they certainly can't control a normal life. So they seek out those things which provide more of a thrill and I guess at some point, they have to up the risk and try things in real life. I didn't know about the whole Star Trek thing, but in a way that doesn't surprise me. The same kinds of people who indulge in things like that won't have normal societal limitations because they don't really associate themselves with society at large. What is sadder, is that many of these people would never have made that leap without the internet. It's made access far too easy and it allows people who would probably never have publicly sought such activities more inclined to get hooked into the addiction. I have heard stories of teens getting addicted and having it ruin their lives. I saw a story on some newshow that tried to seek out the source of many of these films. Many of them come from Indonesia and Myamar. And lots of them come from Russia. Sick sick sick