Saturday, October 13, 2007

British Court Ruling Regarding Al Gore's Movie: Like Al, It's Full Of Hot Air

A High Court judge today ruled that An Inconvenient Truth can be distributed to every school in the country but only if it comes with a note explaining nine scientific errors in Al Gore’s Oscar-winning film.

From Kerplunk, an entertaining site in Australia.


Eric W. said...

They gave him the Peace Prize, so it must be true, right?

Ellen K said...

Funny how the Brits seem to "get it" that this movie was more of a personal campaign/vendetta than it was a true documentary. Have you noticed how AlGore creeps up on the late night circuit quite a bit lately. I think he's already rented a white horse to ride in on for the Democrat Convention. He's counting on a floor fight. I think someone enterprising conservative should have a mudfilled ring ready. I would like to sell tickets, and possibly popcorn.

allenm said...

Regarding Al Gore's chances with Hillary and Barack in contention: not friggin' likely. Hillary's not going to give Al any opportunity at all and even though Barack's, relatively speaking, a kid and could stand to wait in line as veep, he's not going to give it up for an ineffectual, bloated gas bag like Gore.

WRT the British "getting it" about AGCC (anthropogenic global climate change, not everyone enjoys picking apart an acronym as much as I), it may be wishful thinking on my part but there seems to be a gradually rising chorus of voices against the lefty establishment that's largely run Britain for five or six decades. I don't want to get too hopeful just yet but there may be some glimmers of light.

Ellen K said...

Isn't it odd that here we have had conservatives for the past few years and the EU has largely had socialists. Now it seems that the tables are turning. I suppose Washington swings like a pendulum do......apologies to music lovers everywhere.