Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Why No New Posts?

A couple reasons, actually. One, I'm not finding stories that are just screaming to be written--although I'm warming up to the CTA's attack on Representatives Pelosi and Miller--and two, I'm exceedingly busy this week.

Is anyone else watching Ken Burns' The War on PBS? I'm warming up to it. I watched about a third of the Victory At Sea documentary series this past weekend, and kind of laughed during the first episode of The War when I saw some of the same footage there that was in the 1952 series. I guess no one's making new WWII footage :-)

So, no new posts, not even about the Columbia University debacle. When I encounter something worth posting about, you know my keyboard will resume its staccato song.


Mrs. Bluebird said...

I'm watching Ken Burn's The War as well. It looks like he learned from the criticism he got about The Civil War being too Eastern Theater...I'm surprised at how balanced this is between the Pacific and European theater. Good gracious, he even talked about Burma!

Anonymous said...

How about the Marines being barred from making a commercial in San Francisco? This seems beyond ridiculous, first it was the JROTC's, now this, next probably will be Fleet Week...what is this country coming to?


Anonymous said...

I got the first episode of WWII and the rest is recorded...probably for this weekend.

I used to watch Victory at Sea on Sunday nights on PBS in New Orleans...great series!

Darren said...

Cameron, I read about that today. Amazing.

Foxnews story said that a high-ranking police official, a former marine, said that if the police dept could route traffic around huge leftist marches, they could route it around a few guys in a commercial. Still, no permit.

Ellen K said...

I watched a couple of segments. While his techniques are terrific, I am waiting for his typical subliminal rant of how it's all America's fault. It seems to be an underlying theme of his.

Darren said...

I've watched the first three parts--I'd watch the final part tonight, but I'm curious about NBC's new show, The Bionic Woman--and fortunately I didn't pick up on that theme.