Friday, September 14, 2007, Circa 1944

Sad, but true.


Tony said...

Really, Darren? I'm not going to go into how the wars are different because I know you know how they were different. MoveOn isn't an organization is search of something to disapprove of. They are a collection of like-minded people, and the same type of people were around back then. There just wasn't as much disapproval of our involvement or handling of with WWII. And you know that.

Darren said...

There could have been.

The Japanese attacked, not Germany. Why are we even in Europe?

Look at the meatgrinder that was the Pacific Campaign. We probably lost more people on Iwo Jima in 30 days than we've lost in Iraq.

Our first engagement with the Nazis, at Kasserine Pass, uh, didn't go so well. At least, for us it didn't.

We got bogged down in Italy.

It took 14 days to reach our Day 1 objectives in Normandy.

Our equipment needed to be modified in hedgerow country. Why didn't the troops have the equipment they needed? By that time we'd been in the war for 3 years.

Our intelligence agencies were "criminally negligent" in not finding out about the German Battle of the Bulge offensive until they completely surprised us and kicked some butt.

What about all the rationing and deprivations that civilians had to suffer?

Those are just a few points off the top of my head. I'm sure with a little thought I could come up with others. There was plenty to dislike about WWII, but the country stuck with it--and no one put a discounted ad in the NYT to complain about it either.

Ellen K said...

Interesting. In fact WWII was ongoing when the US entered it after Pearl Harbor. Britain and France had been dealing with German warfare for a couple of years by that time. And the prevailing attitude of the political parts of the United States was one of isolationism. It was okay to sell war machines and make a profit, but as a general rule, Americans were okay with letting the Europeans work it out themselves until Pearl. And even then, the United States struggled for most of the time in the first years in the Pacific theater. It took leadership change and bold new strategy to change things. is bought and paid for by a man whose goals include dismantling the United States for his own profit. There's no secret that he has heavily funded Clinton and Obama. He has also paid for some of the more vicious smear campaigns and his group was key in trying to humiliate General Petraeus. I don't want this person, or his hired lackies to be running the country. It would be nice if someone besides me would read "The Prince" and get some clues on how our politics are being ruthlessly manipulated by outsiders.