Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Full Court Press On Leftie Topics

Rather than write a full post on each of these, I'll just provide the links here.

Democratic presidential candidate Bill Richardson apparently thinks God wants Iowa to have first dibs in our election process. I thought only those ultra-conservative right-wing Republicans invoked God....

New data put another nail in the coffin of man-caused global warming?

And while we're on a global warming kick, don't you just love it when someone sets out to "prove" global warming, and gets stuck in the ice?

Here's another reason I don't want socialized health care, and it's exactly what I've been telling you: it takes away your freedom. How anyone can simultaneously support abortion and universal health care is far beyond my ability to understand.

Update, 9/5/07: Try this link instead of the last one.


Anonymous said...

I find Richardson's admission a little odd, but the Left needs all the intellectual diversity it can get.

Darren said...

I agree. But I'd prefer some intelligent intellectual diversity; I can't find any Biblical references to Iowa or American elections.

Anonymous said...

Have to scratch my head at Richardson. The supporter the article quoted really hit the nail on the head though. Just think about the MSM would have done if Bush had said something like that. It's kind of scary that his supporter not only shrugged it off, but admitted he's used to his candidate saying odd things. Sounds like presidential material to me.

The more reports that come out, the more certain I am that the so-called skeptics are right (including myself). Over here in Florida, Gov. Crist has basically put the entire state's energy plan on hold because he suddenly doesn't like coal. That would be bad enough, but until last November, the state was actively promoting energy companies to build more coal plants because of our state's high dependence on natural gas. Companies lost millions of dollars developing plants that suddenly became taboo in Tallahassee. I only hope the real science hits soon because otherwise, at least here in Florida, we won't have enough energy to support the massive population growth predicted.

The last link didn't work for me, but if it's about Edward's mandatory health check-ups, that I totally agree. It makes me head hurt trying to figure out how he can align those two viewpoints.

Darren said...

The last link was about a Tory in England's government saying that the National Health Service shouldn't pay to support "unhealthy" lifestyles.

allenm said...

Damnit, I should have thought of the story rolling off the site. New York Times does the same thing. Two weeks and it's off to the internet vending machine. It's really annoying.