Sunday, September 09, 2007

Just What We Need

It's bad enough that California has so many EdD's, many of them pumped out of our Marxist University of California system. Now, our even worse CSU system is allowed to offere doctorates, something it could not do in the past, and what's the only doctorate they offer?

An EdD.

Imagine all the idiocy to come. I should buy stock in butcher paper companies.


allenm said...

Seems perfectly reasonable to me.

You get to charge students lots of money for a degree that's cheap to teach. No prima-donna big-name profs, no specialized equipment/buildings that need expensive maintenance and constant upgrading.

Ed schools have got to be a great cash cow that'll generate funding for the pricier departments.

Anonymous said...

Butcher paper?! It's infected California too? I thought it was just a Texas malady. The "consultants" at our regional education "service centers" apparently are required by state law to use butcher paper in every presentation to teachers, no matter the topic. Whenever I enter what passes for a teacher education class these days and see butcher paper, I know I'm about to have my IQ lowered.