Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Boston Herald Opinion Piece Skewers Columbia

Is the Herald a (cough cough) conservative paper in Boston, or were Bollinger and the Columbia Crew so stupid that even a left-winger can't help but heap scorn on them?
But that’s the point. It takes Ivy League hubris to make such a shameful mistake. Nobody else would.

The SEC, the ACC - why, there isn’t a barber college or school of over-the-road trucking that would let a Jew-hating nut like President Whack-I-Job rant away on their campus. Your typical American university might offer credit in basket weaving and Science of Star Wars, but they do have their limits.

Not Columbia.
Bollinger probably thinks he acquitted himself by asking "difficult" questions of the Iranian president. What he's probably too stupid to figure out is that by giving the man the stage he was given, he's enhanced the propaganda value of Mahmoud's visit.

Today, right now, soldiers and Marines who are not allowed to participate in ROTC on Columbia’s campus are being attacked with weapons from Iran. How many Americans do you have to kill before you’re no longer welcome among Ivy League elitists?

More, says Columbia University. More.

Get this through your thick liberal skulls: you weren't the intended audience. Middle eastern Muslims were. And Columbia gave the president of a state sponsor of terror a prominent stage.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if it's just Liberals... I'm a Democrat and I along with others that I know are plenty angry with Columbia right now.

Darren said...


Anonymous said...

Is that sarcasm I sense? Sorry, 'tis hard to tell on the internet

Anonymous said...

To quote Stephen Colbert, "It's all right with me [if he speaks], as long as they don't let him into America."

Darren said...

I sensed no sarcasm either in the linked article or the comments above yours, and I certainly had none in my post.

Brook Stevens said...

he should have been met with handcuffs the second he stepped foot onto our soil ... rights? ... f$#% no he has none here