Sunday, September 23, 2007

AFL-CIO Spending on Politics

Remember: all of this -- almost all of this -- goes to help Democrats.


Ellen K said...

I find it odd that American auto workers, whose estimated average compensation for wages, retirement and health care tops $81.00 per hour, and whose unions were working sans contract for awhile, suddenly decide to go out on strike. When you consider the historical political support of union hierarchy for Democrats, the strike over health care concerns seems very contrived. And I am convinced that the Democrats are manipulating this issue to bury the illegal immigration and national security issues. Every time there's a big pro-illegal immigrant protest or a huge international security issue-as with Iran's head nutjob-they trot out some sort of big national health care story. It's happened too often to be an accident anymore.

Ellen K said...
There's one link.
American auto companies average $81.00 per hour compensation, other companies such as Toyota-$35.00 per hour. You do the math.