Saturday, September 15, 2007

Political Commentary in Downtown/Midtown

I went to downtown/midtown with a friend of mine today with the sole intention of taking pictures. I got some nice ones, but I thought the political commentary/graffiti was entertaining enough to make a post out of it.

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Apparently the owners of this market think that the world as a whole is nice enough to hold hands and sing Kumbayyah, but this particular neighborhood isn't nice enough to allow loitering outside--nor can its residents be trusted enough not to smash the windows, which explains the large roll-up window covers.

I'm sure this graffiti "artist" will be very happy to live under sharia law. Let's not forget: the fastest way to end a war is to surrender.

Apparently representations of the Virgin Mother are important enough for people to walk on.

Free Tibet by painting Sacramento's sidewalks. Why didn't I think of that? You know what I thought of most when I saw this? "They sure don't wear stylish glasses in Tibet."

THINK before you break the law, you graffiti vandal.

Are we supposed to "obey" the crying baby? Just what are we supposed to "think" when we see this display? You know what I think? "Nice house. Too bad they have that crap out front."

I'll bet these fascists would be more than happy to tell you what to do, and how to live your life. Political messages on the sidewalks are probably OK, as long as they're the right political messages, in this neighborhood. (Update: that sign was put up by the state, so it's not as ominous as I first thought. It's just stupid.)

I'm all about community standards and such, but there's something nanny-state and sinister about that sign.

This individual has an interesting political viewpoint. Bauer/Christ '08?

Notice the reflection in the window. Sacramento isn't the City of Trees for nothing, you know. Camellia Capital of the World, too.


Queen of Dysfunction said...

Hey! When I was still a single mom living paycheck to paycheck I used to live half a block away from the "Peace Market". (On N and 17th Streets)

Residents quickly grew wise to the Peace Market's practices of bilking customers for weird stuff. Sales taxes that didn't add up, extra charges to have your stuff bagged, "accidental" charges... pretty soon I realized there was a reason that nobody who lived in downtown shopped there. Only the trendy college kids whose parents paid their way bought stuff at the Peace Market.

(...and you're right. Downtown and midtown are rife with socialist messages. Despite the fact that I loved livign there, the socialist bend was one of the more promninent reasons I grabbed my son and got the heck out of there.)

Ellen K said...

I don't know how the handle graffiti in Sacramento, but in Dallas, there's a hefty fine for business owners that don't clear it away. It seems that some gang members like to use it to claim territory. It also seems that folks like to use it to advertise illegal businesses like drug sales and prostitution. Of course, it wouldn't be social/anarchism if they paid for the pleasure of defacing public property. There are places like that in Austin, where you pay premium prices for the pleasure of appearing politically correct by shopping there. I avoid those places.

natalie rothfels said...

so i walk past that FREE TIBET thing on the ground every sunday when i'm going to my flute lesson downtown. and i think it's ridiculous. oh, and i also find it kind of funny that the "our neighborhood, our rules" billboard is advocating healthy lifestyles with an overweight woman. i don't know if you've seen these ones, but i personally like the "USE LESS PESTICIDES" billboard that's plastered around my neighborhood...perfect example of how dumb our country has become now that national organizations cannot even use correct grammar. oh america....

hope all is well

Darren said...

The Virgin Mary and the Free Tibet pictures are on the same sidewalk square. There's a religious message in that somewhere. I'm thinking the answer can be found in the book The Lost Years of Jesus :-)

How are you doing, Natalie?

Don (no longer) Fluffy said...

As a conservative teacher, I think you'll be interested in the outrageous behavior of a teacher in Chico, which I chronicled on my blog a couple of days ago. You are cordially invited to visit. Watch out; today it's satire. But frequently I'm deadly serious.

natalie rothfels said...

i'm doing well, and i hope the same goes for you :)

by the way, when i say i'm doing well, i realize that's just like...a broken record. isn't it funny how we just get used to saying the same things over and over again and we don't actually realize our response no longer serves as a valid one? kind of depressing.

in all honesty, i've been better. but hey, i'll go on saying "i'm doing well"

Darren said...

That's a bummer to hear. Don't take up drinking--something I've been considering lately!

natalie rothfels said...

drinking requires too much energy that i just don't have, so don't worry!