Saturday, September 22, 2007

Time Stopped Momentarily

It's raining ever so lightly in the Capital City again today. It looks more like December than September here.

Just outside my window I watched two hummingbirds. One hovered while it drank water trickling off my roof, the other played in the tree leaves a couple of feet away.

My computer screen is one view into one world--the window behind it often has a view that's at least as enriching.


Ellen K said...

Such are the evil signs of impending Global Warming-early snows and birds frolicking. AlGore will be appeased!

The nameless guy in Colorado... said...

I don't have my email right now but I wanted to mention that I roommate and I got into a bit of an argument with some antiwar protestors today. We were driving past and couldn't pass up the opportunity. As soon as we pulled up my car was swarmed with shouting, sign carrying people. We jumped out and had some words...

They kept asking us why we didn't enlist and why we weren't in Iraq. Then they took pictures of us and my car.

good times.