Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Only A Sicko Thinks Cubans Have Better Health Care Than Americans

And John Stossel calls him on it.

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allenm said...

under the nom-de-binary of "arpad":

I used to date a dentist who had a story about the view many doctors hold of Medicare.

This guy limps into a doctor's waiting room and up to the receptionist. He says,"Excuse me, I'd like to see the doctor."

The receptionist looks up and say, "If you're a cash patient the doctor will see you in a minute. If you're an insurance patient the doctor will see you in a half hour. If you're a Medicare patient, I'm the doctor".

The only people who can be sure of getting decent care under socialized medicine are Fidel, his relatives, close friends and damned few else. How could be any other way? It's a classless society and in a classless society its pretty damned important to be in the upper class.