Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Fight For Victory Rally

The rally was small; with only about 100-150 people, including a former student, I'd hoped it would be bigger. The crowd that was there, though, made up for in dedication what we lacked in numbers.

It was held at the California Veterans' Memorial, along N Street in the southeast quadrant of Capitol Park. Here's a picture of the memorial, a beautiful rendering in etched stone:

(click to enlarge)

I liked this particular picture on the monument...

All who attended were patriotic Americans. I thought this sign made a point, but without pointing fingers.
And no, you don't support the troops by pulling them out and letting everything they've worked for fall apart.

I liked this lady's sign and her shirt.

This woman is a proud American, and she's proud enough to go a little overboard in the hat department. Note, also, that in addition to the hat and the flag, she's carrying a picture.
Actually, the hat was kind of endearing. I love eagles.

This lady is infused with "moral authority" to talk about the war. See that picture of her son in front of the podium? He was a Navy Seal. He died in the war, just like Casey Sheehan--but this woman talks about the justness of the cause, rather than hugging Hugo Chavez and badmouthing the President and the country. She talks about how the other members of her son's SEAL team sort of adopted her, to the point where she got cards, phone calls, and flowers from several of them this past Mother's Day.
It's clear where her son learned about strength, dignity, and duty.

And lastly, I liked the magnetic signs on the Fight For Victory motorhome.

A local country radio station, 101.9 The Wolf, was broadcasting from the event. One of its employees was handing out postcards and pens, asking rally-goers to write words of encouragement to wounded soldiers. These cards were later given to the Fight For Victory team, who will be gathering more on their trek across America and will deliver them to wounded warriors at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in DC.

The "caravan" will be in Washington to help counter a leftie convergence there when General Petraeus delivers his report on the progress in Iraq.

Although this rally was one of the few times I left the house this weekend, I didn't mention it today when students asked what I did over the holiday. Some might get offended at the mere mention of it, and I'd have to answer to the school administration for jingoism. True story.


Anonymous said...

While I don't support the war,
Go Team America!!!

Darren said...

I never saw the movie. Is it worth a rental?

Anonymous said...

I didn't like it overall, but parts of it were pretty funny. :P I'd say why not give it a try

Darren said...

In that regard it sounds like Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Mike said...

Good God man, why are you still teaching in California? Real human beings live in Texas (well, maybe not in Austin) and elsewhere, and conservative issues aren't confined to the closet. Come on over.

Cameron said...

Believe me, Mike, his ideas are not in the closet!

Although I totally support rallies like this, I don't support Move America Forward, who calls themselves "non-partisan" while they are clearly and wholly partisan, in order to gain taxfree status. I don't think it's fair, and no, it's totally not possible to argue that they're partisan. They've referred to both Pelosi and France as a "cheese eating surrender monkey" and any people who don't support the war are "Communists."

Like I said, though, I do appreciate the people there who said "Let's just get all get along and support our citizens."