Saturday, September 29, 2007

This School's Messed Up, Period.

Samantha Martin, 14, said she had a small purse with her at Tri-Valley High School when security guard Mike Bunce called her out of class on Sept. 19. She said Bunce told her she couldn't have a purse unless she had her period and then asked her if she did.

No purses or backpacks unless you need to conceal your tampons, huh?

In protest, some students began wearing tampons or sanitary napkins stuck to their clothing while others carried purses made of tampon boxes. Police arrested one student protester for running naked through school halls with a paper bag on his head. He said he was protesting the policy on backpacks, according to police.

I'd be willing to place a large bet that this policy isn't the only thing wrong at this school. It must be a horrible place to work--or to attend as a student.


Eric W. said...

At Arden, we weren't allowed to carry backpacks because one of the history teachers tripped over one and broke her arm. But at least they didn't make girls carry around a little bag to make sure everyone knew it was their time o' the month.

David Foster said...

Mindless enforcement of mindless rules seems increasingly common in American schools. For a particularly awful example, see my post Zero Tolerance--Zero Judgment--Zero Compassion and also the followup post Philip Queeg Public High School

Darren said...

Zero tolerance is fine in some instances--I wouldn't excuse drugs, etc. But scissors? or a butter knife? That's just zero brains.