Saturday, September 29, 2007

Bans of "Junk Food"

What we call "junk food" our forebears would have called amazing, in both variety and availability. My, how times have changed. In days gone by, malnourishment was a problem; today, obesity is the problem.

California has passed a law restricting the types of food and portion sizes that can be served in schools. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions, and this law seems to fit that description perfectly. Why? Well, let's see. "How can I get around the law? Let me count the ways."

This article from the SF Chronicle is rather lengthy, but it delves deeply into why and how there's no such thing as a quick fix--especially for a societal woe.

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Ellen K said...

These types of action are mostly aimed at the kids who buy lunch at school or who receive free lunch. Two things I have noticed, most of the kids regardless of their status, have lots of money to spend on junk food before school, at school and after school. Even at the high school level their backpacks look like Halloween was last night! Secondly, how do these programs think they are going to enforce food intolerance on kids who choose to bring their own lunches? My kids never bought lunch at school-mostly due to the fact that I am a good cook and they know good food when they taste it. So they would take home made sandwiches, cold chicken, soup, brownies, etc. I have heard that some schools are actively prohibiting peanut butter and such due to possible student food allergies. At what point could a self-righteous vegan come into power and forbid meat? Or Jello? Or cheese and milk? In short, at what point do we tell people to back off and mind their own business?