Saturday, September 29, 2007

Anti-Abortion? No School Club For You!

A Stafford County high school student is suing the county's school system for refusing to let her start an anti-abortion club...

Colonial Forge High School Principal Lisa Martin denied the request for the club, saying it doesn't relate to the curriculum.

Yes, I'm sure all school clubs relate to the curriculum at that school. That principal is an idiot.

Update, 11/11/07: The school administration has had a change of heart.


Ellen K said...

I have to admit here that I chickened out on sponsoring the Gay and Lesbian Teen Support group on our campus. I knew several of the students and did what I could to make their lives less fraught with drama, but when it came down to it, I was honestly concerned that I would lose my job if I sponsored the group. At our campus the rule is that it has to be school affiliated-debate, art, language, competition or student council. I suggested that the teens join local community groups that were better suited. I was worried the students would use the group as a platform for political stands that I just cannot support in school. I know most groups have to have sponsors. I don't feel good about wimping out, but I am sure that at the school mentioned, the idea that someone would be *gasp* Pro-Life could make waves. Such is the plight of teachers that have their freedoms limited by the need to be employed.

Anonymous said...

This doesn’t look good for the kids wanting to start up the Caucasian Culture Club in response to the Asian Culture Club or the Black Culture Club.

Anonymous said...

Darren, why did you leave out "In a letter to the student, [the principal] said the family life curriculum prohibits teachers from discussing abortion."?

Of course the pro-choice student club is enjoying a hearty laugh. Well, they would be if they existed.

Don't tell me that it's not relevent that there is no such club, tell me what would happen if someone tried to form one.

And here I mistook you for someone who supported "community values."

Darren said...

I also left out the part where a student questioned the curricular connection to the Young Democrats and the Young Republicans. In other words, I quoted enough to give a flavor of the story without having to quote each side--which you could find for yourself by going to the link. Apparently viewpoint discrimination takes place at this school, which was why I wrote this post.

If you're going to stir the mud, at least be honest about it.