Sunday, February 01, 2009

Nancy Pelosi Is Still An Idiot

You loved this post. Here's more of Nancy's genius:

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, is on TV explaining the (at this point the congregation shall fall to its knees and prostrate itself) “stimulus.” “How,” asks the lady from CBS, “does $335 million in STD prevention stimulate the economy?”

“I’ll tell you how,” says Speaker Pelosi. “I’m a big believer in prevention. And we have, er, there is a part of the bill on the House side that is about prevention. It’s about it being less expensive to the states to do these measures.”

Makes a lot of sense. If we have more STD prevention, it will be safer for loose women to go into bars and pick up feckless men, thus stimulating the critical beer and nuts and jukebox industries.

I actually heard this question and answer on the radio on the way to work last week. She really said it.

And remember, she's running the House of Representatives. Now how confident do you feel about your government?

Update, 2/4/09: Still an idiot. The US is losing 500 million jobs a month? There are only just over 300 million people in the whole country.


DADvocate said...

With the right "logic" you can justify anything.

I think not preventing STDs would stimulate the economy more. More doctors, nurses, health clinics, pharmaceutical companies would be providing services and selling products.

Ellen K said...

It is such a stilted way to stimulate the economy. I suppose if you really wanted to stimulate it, you could legalize prostitution. This really sounds like a pet project shoved between the lines. If what we want is more jobs, the only way this provides more jobs is if more people seek out family planning. I can't believe this woman is so stupid as to say such a thing where it would be recorded. Why hasn't the DNC toppled her yet?

Anonymous said...

Right on, DAD. And I say we do away with speed limits. More fuel burned, increase in the funeral services industry, etc. Thinking Right is fun!