Monday, October 04, 2021

Your Disapproval Does Not Change Reality

How much damage did this ineffective policy cause?

New Zealand has abandoned its policy of COVID-elimination and will instead shift its focus towards a "contain and control" approach after Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern acknowledged more than a month of restrictions had not got the country to zero cases.  

The nation recorded a further 29 community infections on Monday, taking the number of cases in the current Delta outbreak to 1,357.  

The first case in the latest outbreak emerged in Auckland on August 17, prompting Ms Ardern to order a Level 4 nationwide lockdown while declaring: "We want to be short and sharp, not light and long". 

"Short and sharp, not light and long".  Reality doesn't care about your witty quips, either.

Will the KFC guys still be charged with "breaching public health rules"?

Just the language here should turn your blood to ice:

Auckland will move to a Level 3 lockdown from midnight on Tuesday. However, freedoms will still be severely limited, with residents confined to their homes unless they are attending school, work or shopping.

The rest of the country remains at a Level 2 lockdown with shops, restaurants, bars and nightclubs all open. 

"Freedoms will still be severely limited".  Amazing to hear that in the Anglosphere, which used to be a beacon of freedom in the world.  For the BBC such talk is just another day at the office.

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Anna A said...

And how many deaths from domestic violence as compared to deaths FROM Covid 19? I suspect more from the former than from the latter.