Monday, October 04, 2021

The Obliteration of Standards In Pursuit of "Social Justice"

Hard to disagree with this:

Societies set standards for a host of reasons, though two are primary.  First, standards, whether civil or legal, allow us to measure objective reality.  For instance, the purpose of standards, such as school grading, is to identify the relative skill of people in a particular endeavor–with the endeavor in schools being the ability to read, write, and reason.  Second, and flowing from the first, standards allow us to identify those people who excel in that skill set and promote them and, as a corollary, to find and help those who fail to meet the standard. Moreover, the effectiveness of particular efforts can be assessed.

Everything in the above paragraph is either antithetical to, and under direct attack from, progressive leftists. They have no desire to identify objective reality.  They have no desire for a meritocracy.  They have no desire to assess the effectiveness of any efforts they embrace to address supposed problems.  Their goal is not to benefit society by upholding a meritocracy or, at the other end of the scale, to help those they claim to want to help. Instead, they simply want permanent political power in this country.  Everything else is secondary.  And to accomplish their real goal, they invoke the charge of “systemic racism” to attack standards and the facts that inform those standards.

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Anonymous said...

Great read. The author is correct about the leftist elite not caring about minorities' education. They certainly don't want any black people advancing t up the societal ladder. Just witness their treatment of any black person such as Larry Elder or Clarence Thomas, who has strayed off of the leftist plantation.

Pseudotsuga said...

And then the leftist elites lionize and celebrate minority "scholars" such as Dr. Ibrahim Kendi, Racist-for-hire, because he's the right kind of black.

Darren said...

You mean Henry Rogers.