Monday, October 25, 2021

That Word--I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means

This is the foolishness that people who make their living selling "woke" come up with:

“How many of you, when you go to the grocery store, need somebody to help you with the top shelf?” Parle asked. Because supermarkets use the law of averages and build for the “average height person,” Parle says this is a “system of oppression.”

Everything isn't oppression.  And if the above truly is oppression, than oppression is so benign as to not be worth worrying about.


Anna A said...

I think that they should also eliminate the bottom shelves. Some of us have trouble bending over for long periods of time reading labels, etc.


Ellen K said...

Do you remember Michelle Obama's spoken outrage at being asked to reach something on a high shelf for a much shorter white woman? It was recounted in a fawning magazine article and I thought it was hilarious. Since when is it offensive to ask for help? My son, at 6 foot 4, is often asked to get things down from high places by people he doesn't know. I've been asked for directions from someone I didn't know. Since when did we become so petty that we couldn't be bothered to help another person? I'm so sick at the faux generated outrage machine. I just don't care anymore.