Sunday, October 31, 2021


Halloween isn't a big deal for me.  Dressing in costume can be fun, but in most cases, it's more effort than it's worth.  Why not just have the party without the costumes?

I'm not a fan of trick-or-treating, either, but I did it as a kid so I guess I have to pay it forward.  For years now I've gone to Sam's Club and bought an 80-pack of fruit snacks; since I never have more than 20 trick-or-treaters, I have lots of leftover fruit snacks to take to lunch for the next several weeks!

Far more exciting for me than Halloween is what it portends at school--we're coming upon "the stretch".  After this next week we have Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Dr. King's birthday, the February "ski week", and then Spring Break--holidays, fast and furious!  Given that Halloween is the signal that these are soon upon us, I guess I can forgive the costume silliness :-)

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Anna A said...

I got a mild minor shock yesterday. I went to calculate when I take my car in for its next routine check up (I do every 5000 miles and have a fairly predictable pattern since I drive close to 100 mile/work day) I typed in 8 weeks, only to discover it would be Christmas.

I scheduled the car for next year.