Tuesday, October 05, 2021


Is it Teacher Appreciation Week or something?  We usually "celebrate" that in May--maybe that's a California thing?--but I've heard a little about it this week, too.

Yesterday, all our teachers (and who knows, perhaps other staff as well) each received a small bottle of scented hand sanitizer from the Senior Class.  There was a tag with a witty comment attached.  I thought that was nice.

Today each of us received a 1" succulent plant from the Junior Class.  A popsicle stick sign in each one said "Thanks for helping (school name) students grow!", and on the back it said "from the juniors in student government".  Awesome!

The standard has been set.  I wonder if we're getting anything from the sophomores tomorrow....

Update, 10/6/21:  Today we got Altoids and lip balm :)

Update, 10/11/21:  I forgot to add last week that the freshmen gave us baggies of candy.  Were they sending a message, one way or the other, by including an Airhead? :-)

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