Wednesday, October 20, 2021


Guess I have to find another dentist.  I've only had this one for about a year.

Six months ago I scheduled an appointment:  tomorrow at 4:00 pm.  Twice already this week I've had to confirm this appointment, once via text and another via phone.  This afternoon I received a phone call, my appointment needs to be cancelled or rescheduled because the office has changed its hours and no longer does 4 pm appointments.

I left my last 2 dentists because they couldn't honor the appointments they made with me.  Now I'm seeing it happen again.

I'm not going to take time off work to go to the dentist.  Also, when they schedule an appointment with me, and confirm it twice, that's sort of a contract, an agreement.  I don't like them breaking our agreement, especially the day before.

Is this a dentist thing, are they all this bad at running a business?  Or have I just had three bad dentists in a row?  Are my standards too high?

(Update, 10/22/21:  Made a few minor corrections to this post but the theme remains the same.)


Anna A said...

I don't think that your standards are too high. GRIN, I have almost the opposite problem. Mine will call me a few hours before my confirmed, late as possible, appointment and say "We had a cancellation, do you want to come in early." Between the fact that I work and don't like leaving early AND they call me home (land line), I rarely even get the message.

Good luck in finding a new one

Steve USMA '85 said...

I've had my dentist for 27 years for myself and family. They rescheduled once on short notice because his daughter was in the ER. Another time there was a big snow storm coming in and he opened the office early and moved up all his appointments so he could fit everyone in prior to the snow hitting in the afternoon.

Ellen K said...

After COVID it took me a bit to find a dentist. When I did, it was a GIFT. She's a talented young professional who is both up to date and fast. She did a replacement crown in an hour and a half. She did a very difficult filling in half an hour. What is more, unlike many other dentists, she understands not everyone has dental insurance and gives a discount to those who pay up front. Once her office reopened last Spring, she has never canceled or changed an appointment for me or any of my family. But this is in Texas, where things are 95% back to normal. Maybe it's time to find a Red State to move to and live like an American again.