Saturday, December 01, 2007

What Do Nakedness, Pizza, Kindergarten, and Cops Have In Common?

This story.

A 20-year-old Penn State student was charged with criminal trespass and underage drinking when she was found stark naked in the apartment of three gentlemen in the 200 block of East Nittany Avenue, State College police said in a complaint they filed against her.

The guys came home at about 3:30 in the morning Oct. 21 "to find an unknown, naked female eating pizza in their kitchen," police said.

Ironically, her last name is Munch...

A PBT administered by police turned up a .24 blood alcohol content, which, to the layperson out there, is blotto, the kind of drunkenness that could land you naked in some stranger's kitchen eating their pizza.

The young lady, according to the Penn State Web site is an aspiring kindergarten teacher, had no idea where her clothes or shoes were, police said.


Kimberly Lloyd said...

I taught at Penn State, and while I was lucky enough never to have to teach the Mathematics for Elementary Education majors class, the experience of a friend of mine who taught it tells me that this young lady is probably towards the head of her class, as she was at least smart enough to get the pizza from her hand to her mouth.

(Note that I say "towards" the head of her class, because there were actually a small number of very bright elementary education majors, many of whom were quite ashamed of the majority of their colleagues.)

allenm said...

She ate their pizza? The cad!

> Due to how drunk she was, police called her an ambulance.

How is calling her names going to help her sober up?

Unknown said...

"I taught at Penn State"

Know M. Kathleen Heid?

Anonymous said...

I bet she was very attractive. Attractive chicks always get away with doing this kind of stuff - the the amusement of the "victims." (victims being the guys whose pizza she ate)

If she was a big fat ugly girl, I bet the guys would be less amused and more annoyed.