Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Indoctrinating The Kiddies

This author thinks public school teachers indoctrinate their students with leftist dogma--and proposes an experiment to prove or disprove his hypothesis.

Some teachers have written in, challenging my assertions about what currently gets taught in the government youth propaganda camps ("public schools").

"I'm surprised to learn I've been teaching all this propaganda promoting the merits of collectivism or whatever else Suprynowicz accuses me of," reads a typical missive. "I've reviewed my curriculum and I can't find that stuff in there anywhere. I teach ..." whereupon the writer typically inserts "English," "history," "algebra," or whatever.

It's hard to tell whether the open face of guileless innocence assumed by these scriveners is real or feigned. So I won't try. Instead, let's propose a small experiment which any curious party could undertake to test my premise.

He then conducts this experiment--by guessing the results!--and informs us that the results confirm his beliefs! Now, I'm not saying he's wrong, but his style certainly lends itself to being shredded, mercilessly, by the opposition.

I do like his explanation for why teachers indoctrinate, though:

The very purpose of indoctrination of the young is to foreclose such debate.

The man's got a point there. Let's not forget--the "science" of global warming is "settled"--said so that there can be no debate.

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Ellen K said...

When state ordered testing included reading passages that stated the theory of Global Warming was fact rather than theory, then I knew that every facet of the school curriculum was being used to shape student's future political leanings. No surprise.