Wednesday, December 12, 2007

CSU System and Diversity

Perhaps someone can connect the dots for me.

California State University should provide more guidance on hiring professors for its 23 campuses and include more women and minorities on employee search committees, the state auditor's office said in a report released Tuesday...

Not surprisingly, said the report, the five campuses use different methods when considering the gender and ethnic background in hiring professors. And the selection of search committees is different from campus to campus. Some campuses pay attention to the gender and ethnic makeup of search committees; some forbid the practice.


CSU's 46,000 employees are 53 percent women, and one-third are ethnic minorities, according to officials.

Of 165 recent professor hirings examined by the audit, 44 percent are women, three points above the average national availability of female doctorate recipients. Twenty-six percent were minority hires. The national availability of such candidates was 12 percent, according to the audit.

I agree there's a problem, but it's not the problem the state auditor and the assemblywomen (quoted in this article) are trying to "solve". The problem is that they're trying to fix a problem that isn't a problem.

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