Sunday, December 09, 2007

That's Some Expensive Sex

If this high school coach had sex with his student player only the one time that's recorded, he'd have been better off financially going to a prostitute.

In a statement, Antrim told police he gave her the cell phone and iPod as gifts. He admitted sending suggestive text messages and said he had been having “issues” lately. He admitted having sex with the teen the previous weekend.

Nathan Paul Antrim is in police custody and faces up 15 years in prison and a $30,000 fine if convicted.

Hope she was worth it, idiot.

He'll probably get a worse punishment than the women teachers who have sex with their students.


gbradley said...

What an idiot is right.

He probably will get a harsher punishment than the woman who get caught with their students.

Logically, I see that their should be no difference in penalties based on the sexes of the perpetrators and victims, but I have this emotional reaction that senses a difference.
How jury members vote:

If it is a Male teacher, you're pretty much gonna throw the book at him.

If it is female teacher and she is HOT, then you pretty much figure that the teenage boy just won the lottery, and so you'll go easy on her.
Life's not fair.

Darren said...

Life isn't, but the law *should* be.

Ellen K said...

I am tired to death of seeing women get a free pass on this type of behavior. We had a nationally broadcast case at our school, ironically with a student who had dated ANOTHER teacher the previous year, but his parents refused to press charges fearing that the cell phone records would reveal information that would lose him his scholarship. How's that for priorities? Men get lambasted at even the hint of such behavior, where as women seem to get media and book contracts. It's sick. And the media loves it because it fulfills all those preordained views about the image of teachers in their heads as simply the punchline to a dirty joke.

Anonymous said...

Nate is no saint. But then again neither is she. He is not a teacher, just a step-dad of one of a 7th graders on the team. He is a usually awesome guy, but obviously something snapped. Do not judge him on this one poor life choice. There is probably more to this story than anyone of us will ever know. His life is now screwed, and there is no way to change it. He will be paying for this the rest of his life, which I feel is punishment enough. He has a good heart, just a screwed up head at the time. It really is a terrible tragedy. I see coaches flirting with players and players with coaches all the time, and I think we as parents and fellow players need to start paying more attention to this and nip it in the bud before we see another case just like it. It is just becoming more common as kids have no consequences and the adults do. Adults act in the heat of the moment, and the kids don't need to care because in the end they are untouchable by the law. Lets change that....

Darren said...

Perhaps we *could* change that, but I don't see a compelling reason *not* to hold adults to higher standards of behavior and judgement than those to which we hold children.

Anonymous said...

I played for Nate...

It's really sad. He was an awesome coach. He's the type of coach that you love to hate. He'll yell at you, skate you, push you until you reach your breaking point BUT at the end it all pays off. I trusted him for that 4-5 months of hockey. It sad that he will never be known for being a great coach. How you think you know people.