Saturday, December 29, 2007

FIRE Them All!

Everyone involved in creating Orwellian speech codes, FIRE them! Everyone involved in wrongfully persecuting college students for exercising their 1st Amendment freedoms, FIRE them! Everyone who creates ideological litmus tests for participation in school programs, FIRE them! Everyone using public money and/or student fees to violate the 1st Amendment, FIRE them!

As I've said before, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education is what the ACLU would be if the ACLU weren't so unabashedly liberal. FIRE has compiled a 2007 Year in Review, detailing many of their accomplishments in the name of freedom over the past year--go take a read.

Then consider doing what I'm going to do--write them a check. It's tax deductible--consult your tax professional for details.

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