Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Selling Out To A Union Buys Nothing For A Republican

What's Huckabee thinking, sucking up to the NEA? They're not going to support him over Clinton, Obama, Edwards, or any other Democrat, so why get down on his knees and smooch their collective butts? Huck, they've never supported a Republican for President since they started supporting candidates. Do you really think you're going to be the one to break that mold?

You're handing them ammunition to use against your fellow Republicans. You're playing into their hands.

You know what we call that? "Useful idiot".

Stop being so useful to them.

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Anonymous said...

I don't really think Huck wants or needs the support of the NEA...he didn't mention them one time by name. He was using THEM to have access to a wider (dare I say, captive) audience.
What he said was right-on, and he could have said it anywhere...
Think of this as a blessing, as it were...another opportunity for a guy who is performing a miracle by coming out of nowhere, & leading the pack.
The NEA needed to hear this man, and just maybe they will even hear the message, hear the heart of this candidate, and begin to have thoughts about support for him. The Membership of the NEA is quite different from the Leadership of the NEA. The members will decide for themselves individually whether to support a conservative, a liberal, Hillary, Mitt, Edwards, Obama, Rudy, or even Huck...but they can do it much better now that they have had a chance to hear him. Now they've heard him. Let's see what happens. We might be surprised...
I'm sure the unions are somewhat conflicted as to their support of either Hillary or Obama, or even the prospect of supporting them as a ticket pair.