Sunday, December 02, 2007

Lola For A New Generation

If you don't remember the song Lola by the Kinks, perhaps you're one of the younger readers of this blog. However, for more--how shall I put it?--seasoned readers, we remember the song as a hilarious hit. It's hard to believe it was first released in 1970, as it was still going strong when I was in high school.

Keeping that background in mind, I encourage you to watch James Blunt's You're Beautiful video, a song that lives up to its title:

Then watch this PG-13 parody video:


allenm said...

Neither video's available.

Darren said...

Odd. I just checked and they're both working, and I received an email from a friend who thought they were hilarious.

I'm seeing them in both Firefox and Internet Explorer.

What browser are you using?

gbradley said...

Great Song!
Don't Care for the Parody though.
That's not Weird Al is it?

Darren said...

No, it's not Weird Al--but it *is* his style!

Tyralis said...

wierd al has a parody of this song that is much, much better done
its called "Your Pitiful" if i am not mistaken

Darren said...

My two favorite Weird Al songs were (I lost on) Jeopardy, to the tune of the Greg Kinh song, and Yoda, to the tune of Lola.