Saturday, December 22, 2007

Seven Lords a-Leaping

Mrs. Bluebird tagged me with a "7 random things about me" meme. Since I was once tagged with a "6 Weird Things About Me" topic, I'll take the shortcut by linking to that post and adding one more here:

7. After years of living in denial, I'm starting to be able to admit that I like some old disco songs. Donna Summer was good, and a few Bee Gees songs were ok. ABBA rocks!


Anonymous said...


When I was on my mid-tour leave (March 06) in England, I remember concert posters for ABBA at the bars. Still popular after all these years. And this may ring a bell from our time at Ft Carson...Roxette was also touring a lot.

gbradley said...

But you gotta admit that when the Rolling Stones went Disco... That sucked.

However, the first song that I ever had fun dancing to with a girl. Last Dance by Donna Summer.