Tuesday, December 25, 2007

One Of The Perks Of Being A Teacher...

...is getting to meet so many wonderful people.

A couple weeks ago I ran into the mother of a former student at a Christmas concert at a local church. We chatted for awhile and she invited my son and me to their house for Christmas dinner.

Single dad+homecooked meal=HECK YES!

And what a meal it was. And what company--siblings and parents and children, oh my!

And just as good as the food and company? They were all good conservatives. So I broke the ice by saying that I was thinking about voting for Hillary Clinton--the laughter after that was genuine and hearty.

They made my son and me feel so comfortable in their home. What an honor it is to be welcomed by such generous hosts.


Dan Edwards said...

How cool !

Anonymous said...

well hell, i didn't even get invited to my house for christmas dinner :( you one-uped me!