Sunday, December 09, 2007

Is There A Lesson Here Regarding Racism?

Susan Estrich, in a column about Hillary Clinton and the issue of sexism, said this:

The more you complain, the more people resent your complaining. The more you cry sexism, the more you strengthen its force.

Yes, her point is the exact opposite of mine, but I actually believe the above statement--especially as it relates to racism.

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DADvocate said...

I blogged about Hillary and Robin Berger the other day. I agree with Estrich except, maybe, for her use of words.

I don't think you "strenghten its force." I think you de-legitimize (neologism perhaps) your claims. The more you claim racism/sexism when it is a borderline case or not at all, the more people turn a deaf ear to further claims, a hollering wolf situation.

We saw the false racism accusations with the Duke lacrosse team. I believe most of the racism claims involving the Jena 6 are false. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are hindering progress more than helping it.

My daughter spend several hours at her boyfriend's house today. His mother, an attractive blonde, is divorced and remarried. Her husband is black. There are black, white and mixed kids living in the house, his, hers and ours. No one cares. They're just folks to us.