Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Insanity Of A Green Party Voter

As a Green Party voter, I've never wasted my vote on Pelosi, and I believe she needs to be challenged daily on ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, holding the Bush administration accountable for subverting the Constitution and being more responsive to the needs of her progressive constituents.

But Pelosi reigns as an imperial ruler who will never be faced with a serious challenge from the progressive wing of the local Democratic Party. Forget about a GOP challenger in San Francisco. It is not healthy for American democracy to allow the House Speaker to coast through every election like she does, and I hope to live to see the day when she is made to face the voters in a serious and competitive race.

Until that day arrives, I'm throwing my support behind Cindy Sheehan, the pro-peace activist mom who lost her son in Iraq, who opened her campaign office yesterday in a long-shot bid to unseat Pelosi. (boldface mine--Darren)

Pelosi's not enough of a nutjob for this guy.


Ellen K said...

Like I have said so often lately, the Dems have been taken over by the Green Party, which is tightly affiliated with the Workers' Party-a front for Communist action. No big surprise there. In fact, it's scary that the active socialism promoted by the Dems isn't considered enough looking at what similar social action has done to the economy in European nations. Likewise, the Republicans seem intent on nominating the most backward, locked in, head in the sand conservative in the model of John Birch. The polarized ten percenters at either end of the political spectrum are running the show. And the 80% of us in the middle have to hold our noses and vote. Is this any way to run a country?

allenm said...

Yeah, actually it is.

All you have to do is look at the countries with parliamentary systems and their endless parties du jour and a system that forces politicians as well as voters to make hard choices looks pretty good to me.

Take a look at Saint Hillary (you can hold your nose) and her troubles with NOW and NARAL.

She knows if she comes out four-square and unequivocally for unrestricted abortion she'll please the distant edge of the party and, maybe, not even get nominated.

Similarly, there's her position on the war. She'd almost certainly love to go left - that's her clear, natural inclination - but she daren't. Obama's staked out that territory and to go beyond his position to the left puts her into Cindi Sheehan territory and hasta la vista center. Obama can afford to take a chance out in lefty-land but Hillary's got some miles on her and not as many opportunities remaining. A bad choice means a minimum four year wait for a retry and entry into the contest as a loser. Decision time.

Also, while the extreme left still holds quite a bit of sway over the Democratic party their hold has been loosened by their failure to deliver electoral success. As long as the Dems maintained control of Congress the lefties could, rightfully in no small measure, to be responsible. But with Congress up for grabs the claims to political omniscience by the ultra-left have wafted away on the breeze.

They still wave a big stick being backed up by the likes of George Soros but he won't throw good money after bad. That's why the anti-gun lobby's fallen on such hard times. They rolled the dice big time with the Million Moms organization, it collapsed and took much of the anti-gun lobbies political credibility with it. George Soros is willing to roll the dice but only if he's got some reason to believe the investment will pay off. Further failures in the political arena, as in an inability to move legislation through Congress, and he'll pull back further against some future time when conditions are more favorable.

Anonymous said...


You know I’m to the right of Genghis Khan and there is not enough whiskey in Scotland to make me support a modern Democrat.

However, to have a woman like Sheehan go after Pelosi…I think I’d pay ten bucks for that!