Monday, December 10, 2007

Clean, Safe, Nuclear Power

Why aren't the global warming types salivating over this mature technology as a solution? Because they don't really want to solve the problem. Global warming is merely a means to an end to them, that end being more political power for themselves.

It's always nice, though, when a former anti-nuke protester comes to his/her senses. And as "nyah nyah nyah NYAH nyah" as I'm being here, this woman comes across as very reasonable.

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J said...

Most modern leftists don't simply want "freedom of speech": they want the right to lie, mispresent, and distort the facts. (and I say this as a moderate, as well). The whack job leftist wants the right to say Cheney himself guided jets into WTC on 9-11. He wants to say that Kerry won the vote in Ohio 2004, and that some great conspiracy existed, even though there was a clear majority of registered Republicans (and liberal pollsters like Zogby had predicted a Bush win (see these Bay Area whackjobs for examples of the nearly psychotic thinking of many "democrats":

The whackjob leftist also wants to say that the baathists were not a problem, when they had sheltered terrorists, and had been attempting to make nukes for years, and even the liberal UN inspectors suspected some WMDs (it wasn't as bad as they thought, but the baathists had made every effort to show that they did have WMDS. A perp who aims an unloaded gun at a store clerk gets the same felony case as one who uses a loaded one). That doesn't mean one approves of Bush's war effort in toto: either way, most of the leading dems signed off on the war effort anyways, so they should hate Pelosi, Kerry, Hillary, etc. as much as they do BushCheney.

The Leftist stooge also wants to say that Al Gore is right about everything, even when scientists agree that little or no proof exists showing that increases in C02 lead to global warming. Though Gore received the recount as he asked for in Florida, and still lost, the whackjob says he should have had more recounts. And so on and so forth.

Really, they are even an insult to traditional democrats of the Truman sort--not to say Thomas Jefferson. Lock 'em down and sedate.