Thursday, December 20, 2007

Alumni Day

Tomorrow is Alumni Day at our school. Recent graduates will return to campus to give seminars about life after high school. Most, of course, will be talking about the specific colleges they attend.

Yesterday I saw a former student, currently a freshman at USF on a full-ride Army ROTC scholarship. I saw 5 former students today--4 who graduated last June, and one who's currently a junior at the Air Force Academy. Your tax dollars are being spent wisely, as the Air Force cadet knew enough to bring me pizza :-)

It's so good to see them all.


Anonymous said...

dont mention your 2 students that get appointments eh?

and not even kind enough to offer some pizza to a starving guy checking mapquest in your room at lunch ;/



Darren said...

It wasn't my pizza to offer.

And you're not alumni yet, so this isn't the post. I've held off on a post on you and Jordan because I'm waiting for word on the other two, hoping I get to write about FOUR students who got appointments!