Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Why We Don't Let Most Teenagers Vote or Drink

It's because they don't often have enough experience in life to have good judgement. Translated, teenagers are known to make bad decisions more often that older people. Their car insurance rates relative to other age groups are one small shred of evidence of this fact.

Not that I'm not elated that they did this, but why would any thinking person put their plans for shooting up their school on Myspace? Did they just want to be helpful to the police and courts who will use that evidence to lock them up?

Sometimes I think that Myspace and Xanga and the like are the best things to happen to adults in a long time. It's like some teenagers are just turning their diaries over to us to read. How different would school life be today if Klebold and Harris had had Myspace accounts?

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Ellen K said...

MySpace and Xanga would make more of an impact if parents actually SAW what kinds of things their kids are posting. I have a MySpace to check on my college kid's band dates and gigs. In passing, I saw my nephew's space and reamed him out due to the photos and language on there. His dad wasn't so happy either. I would suggest every parents of any kid 12 or older-yes they are supposed to be at least 16, but guess what, some kids lie-and look for their children's sites. They may be innocent posts with friends sharing jokes and photos from the last church picnic, but it could be more. A LOT more.