Sunday, August 13, 2006

Two Stories About Higher Education

Time says that you don't really need to go to Harvard, and the major Sacramento newspaper reports about American students' attending med school in Cuba (free registration probably required).

Certainly makes for interesting reading on a Sunday morning.

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Anonymous said...

Unless you are trying to be the next Donald Trump, the college one chooses to attend really isn't much of an issue. Of all of the people that you know, how many do you know that went to prestigious universities and does that make a difference about how you think of them or how happy they are today? Most of my friends and I went to our local junior college and then transferred to either a UC or a CSU school. We are all gainfully employed in jobs of our choices and are living comfortable lives...not rich and famous, but happy. That Times article needs to be made available in all high school counseling offices so that kids can see the reality of how hard it is to get into an Ivy League school and that it is fine to attend a "plain old university". The bottom line is to get a degree (and to enjoy your college years as much as possible!).