Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Falklands Redux

Put away your machismo, Argentina. I'm not going to cry for you this time, either, if you do something stupid like you did in 1982.

How did Pink Floyd put it?

Brezhnev took Afghanistan
Begin took Beirut
Galtieri took the Union Jack
And Maggie over lunch one day
Took a cruiser with all hands
Apparently to make him give it back

Looks like not much has changed, has it? Know what else hasn't changed? The outcome of fighting if the Argentines try another military stunt in the Falklands.

Malvinas, no. Falklands, si.

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Darren said...

Tough noogies. I'm not giving California back to Mexico, Spain, Aztlan, or the Maidu, either. And the inhabitants of the Falklands want to be British. Bummer for the Argentines.

As I recall, the "selling arms to Argentina" only included what they had previously ordered and paid for. It included nothing new to use in the war.

Remember the General Belgrano!