Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Two Stories About Testing

First, has an article which states that support for high school exit exams is waning.

Next, tells us that ACT scores hit their highest level since 1991.

No commentary. Just the links.

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Ellen K said...

I don't have problems with testing per se. I do have problems with it become an industry and people making millions off of the prep materials and the outside classes and the other ways of gaming the test. I also question whether we should have a type of examination similar to O levels and A levels in Britain. This silly notion that every kid is college bound is political correctness at its most harmful. What kids need are skills that will allow them to move into entry level jobs within the economy. Instead we are increasing math and science credits for a population that is already overwhelmed in Algebra and Chemistry. Instead we need to offer tracking that will allow the kids who need vocational training to move into those programs and take the course which will improve their chances of success without setting more and higher barriers to graduation. If kids want to take a college prep curriculum, note it on the diploma and allow them to progress, but we also need line workers, technicians, practical nurses and members of the construction and service industries. It sounds really good on paper, but I worry that in implementation more kids are going to fall through some very large cracks.